No Quit Living is about persisting and pushing forward with positivity even when facing adversity. It’s about being prosperous – in more ways than just financial wealth – and refusing to allow ourselves to be anything less than our best version of who we are meant to be. 



Rarely does life go exactly how we plan it to go.  In this fable about "The Power of Positivity," rising stars Christopher J. Wirth and Chris Wilberding take you on a journey that demonstrates how life doesn't happen to you; it happens for you!  


Jennifer, Mike and Pete turn their challenges as high-school students into opportunities to pay it forward for others.  A constant theme throughout this story is "We Rise By Lifting Others Up."   


The "Power of Positivity" is real, and it is something we can all do - one person at a time! 



Our goal is to “Pay It Forward” by positively motivating others to never give up on themselves, their goals or their dreams.  Through sharing our “No Quit” mission, we want to help people succeed in life and concentrate on our 3 P’s: Positivity, Persistence and Prosperity.  With Accountability and Self-Accountability, we aim to inspire people to take action.  

Our objective is to stimulate our clients to refocus and look at their challenges and obstacles as their next best opportunity. 

To quote Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, “It’s always too early to quit.” 





About Christopher J. Wirth

Christopher J. Wirth is the Founder and President of No Quit Living. NQL is a Speaking, Coaching and Training Company that focuses on a number of topics:

  • Accountability

  • Goals

  • Time Maximization

  • Networking

  • Leadership

  • Sales

  • Personal Development

  • Mentoring


Planning a regional move, I took time to explore a shift in my career. A friend referred me to No Quit Living saying, “Christopher, can really help you work through the process.”

He has. We took a long-lens look at my goals and skills, and he challenged me to consider the obstacles and the opportunities along the way. It was heavy lifting but I’ve got an actionable plan. Christopher does his homework and listens really well.

Don’t climb a mountain without a guide!

Scott S.

Overall my experience with No Quit Living has been pleasant. I am still currently working with the organization to get a scene of my career objectives and goals. The assignment have been helpful in identifying my interest and what I seek in a career. They bring a lot of expertise to the table. They were helpful in understanding prior to our first session in seeing if their organization was going to be a fit my objectives. Ultimately you get what you get out what you put in and the work they have you complete is helpful in deciding which careers and goals to pursue.

Joseph N.

Our company hired NQL to work with our sales force to help them increase their overall sales. They put together a specific plan for our entire sales unit, and helped positively change our culture. The accountability principles and strategies that were taught to our team have had a huge impact within our company.

Chris M.

We brought in No Quit Living to come in and speak/motivate our sales team. We are a real estate firm, and we were looking to inspire our team to have a great 4th quarter. They spoke to us before and designed a plan that was specific to our company and specifically our sales force. So far we are up 12%, and they definitely motivated the team. They spoke about the importance of goals, and how important it is to have a specific plan each and every day. Definitely worth the money, and I think we are going to hire them again!

Jennifer S.

When it comes accountability partners who understand the importance of peak performance in business and life they will have most likely crossed paths with Mr. Christopher J. Wirth.  In addition, the NQL Podcast has had some amazing guests in its short time. The value pulled from this extraordinary podcast will change the way you approach your goals. Go for no so you can find your yes. Thank you, Chris.

Craig O.

I have been working with No Quit Living for a few months now, and they have helped me to focus on my priorities and putting a plan and structure in place so I can accomplish my goals. Great service!

John S.

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