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Planning a regional move, I took time to explore a shift in my career. A friend referred me to No Quit Living saying, “Christopher, can really help you work through the process.”

He has. We took a long-lens look at my goals and skills, and he challenged me to consider the obstacles and the opportunities along the way. It was heavy lifting but I’ve got an actionable plan. Christopher does his homework and listens really well.

Don’t climb a mountain without a guide!

Scott S.

We brought in No Quit Living to come in and speak/motivate our sales team. We are a real estate firm, and we were looking to inspire our team to have a great 4th quarter. They spoke to us before and designed a plan that was specific to our company and specifically our sales force. So far we are up 12%, and they definitely motivated the team. They spoke about the importance of goals, and how important it is to have a specific plan each and every day. Definitely worth the money, and I think we are going to hire them again!

Jennifer S.


I have been working with No Quit Living for a few months now, and they have helped me to focus on my priorities and putting a plan and structure in place so I can accomplish my goals. Great service!

John S.


Overall my experience with No Quit Living has been pleasant. I am still currently working with the organization to get a scene of my career objectives and goals. The assignment have been helpful in identifying my interest and what I seek in a career. They bring a lot of expertise to the table. They were helpful in understanding prior to our first session in seeing if their organization was going to be a fit my objectives. Ultimately you get what you get out what you put in and the work they have you complete is helpful in deciding which careers and goals to pursue.

Joseph N.


Our company hired NQL to work with our sales force to help them increase their overall sales. They put together a specific plan for our entire sales unit, and helped positively change our culture. The accountability principles and strategies that were taught to our team have had a huge impact within our company.

Chris M.

When it comes accountability partners who understand the importance of peak performance in business and life they will have most likely crossed paths with Mr. Christopher J. Wirth.  In addition, the NQL Podcast has had some amazing guests in its short time. The value pulled from this extraordinary podcast will change the way you approach your goals. Go for no so you can find your yes. Thank you, Chris.

Craig O.

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Some if you may recall my interview with Christopher Wirth on the podcast. He's the dude that started giving out personalized positivity notes to people around his community in Greenwich, CT. The notes took off and other people started offering up similar notes around the community. His little notes have saved people from divorce, business closure and even suicide.

Chris is an amazing individual. He's full of energy, full of positive vibes and generally the most optimistic person in every room. So it didn't surprise me when Chris informed me that he had just published a book called "The Positivity Tribe". It's a great book. One you can read in less than 30 minutes.

Chris' positivity notes were supposed to be his thing. He didn't expect others to join. But others did, and his group of positive people has grown so big that more than 13,000 people have started the crusade with him. He didn't mean to do it, but he created a network of extremely positive people that wanted to share their optimism with others. Or, as he calls it: The Positivity Tribe.

I'd like to do the same thing here inside our own little world. We all have our stuff. Our personal lives aren't perfect. Our governments aren't perfect. Our children aren't perfect. Our favorite sports teams are not perfect. And of course, none of our businesses are even close to perfect. So I'd like for all of us -every one of you- to start lifting one another up more often.

Provide positive feedback to your peers in the network. Lift people up when they're down. Help us when something breaks. Pat someone on the back, even if it's virtually. Heck, go old-school and write a positivity note and mail it to someone in our network. Do something every day-hopefully even more than once per day-to inject optimism into our network.

We need each other because none of us can do it by ourselves. Let's use the hunger found throughout our network to create our very own Positivity Tribe. It's starts right now, with this simple little post on Facebook.

I believe you want everyone in our network to succeed. Let's start proving it. We're absolutely all in this thing together. Send a random email to a fellow franchisee congratulating them on their growth. Engage in the comments on this Facebook community page every day. Shoot a text to a franchisee that you haven't spoken with in a while. Be proud of your PHCs by sending a video of them in action to others in our network. Post your own advice right here on this Facebook community. Buy a book you love for a peer. Post a photo of your happy times. Do anything that spreads joy. Everyone can do it, and it's not going to cost you one extra penny.


Spread positivity. Create a tribe. Build a movement.

I hope you're with me. Let's all do it together. Let's build our very own Positivity Tribe!!


Ron Holt, CEO & Founder At  Two Maids & A Mop Franchising

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